Blo͞o Outlier Journal

persimmon that
would not ripen . . .
winter sun

Donna Fleischer

The Blo͞o Outlier Journal Winter Issue 2020 (Issue #1), page 44

Editor: Alan Summers

Source: Blo͞o Outlier Journal

  1. Thanks!

  2. Reblogged this on Haikutec’s Weblog and commented:
    Two days only to put this issue together, and launched during Christmas Eve, phew!

  3. Thank you!!!! And thank you for being part of the journal. Every poet made it important and vital!

    warm regards,

    • You have created a monumental magnificence of poetry and I thank you for it! – Donna

  4. Hi Donna,

    Christmas 2020 was unlike any other we’ve ever known. But I hope you enjoyed it anyway, as Maureen and I did. And what a great start it got off to with the publication of Blōō Outlier Journal, Issue #1, on Christmas Eve, so wonderfully put together by editor Alan Summers.

    Gosh, what amazing artwork and brilliant poetry. And how honoured we are, those of us with work in this fabulous inaugural issue. I love your persimmon haiku. I have a senryu on page 114, and Maureen has one on page 115. Huge thanks to Alan Summers. Under his editorship I’m sure the journal will go far.

    Wishing you a healthy, happy 2021.

    Take care,


    • Paul, I’ve read each senryu and would like to comment since each one is provocative: yours instantaneously sent me an image — probably best known from Hieronymous Bosch — it is the image of a wee human being with a huge beak-shaped mask attached over its nose — the kind of “mask” that was worn during plagues of old; Maureen’s poem sent me to the unconscious association of paper, parchment on which poems will be written, and skin, as in slipping one’s skin . . . . I am so glad I reread these. – Donna

      • Hi Donna,

        Fascinating to have your take on mine and Maureen’s senryu in Alan’s ‘Blōō Outlier Journal’. Gosh, that mine, with those large ladies, should have instantly brought to your mind one of Hieronymous Bosch’s more fantastically grotesque paintings! I can’t help chuckling over that.

        I’ve enjoyed re-reading your haiku. The persimmon’s failure to ripen beneath the cold glare of winter sun struck me as analogous with the hardships heaped upon us all by Covid-19 in 2020.

        Maureen is very pleased at your mention of her senryu, so I’ll forward your ‘word pond’ comment to her for reply.

        At least there is light at the end of the tunnel now with the various vaccines being rolled out.

        With every good wish for 2021,

        Take care,


        • Maureen Weldon
        • January 4th, 2021

        Hello Donna! felt I must write a few words to you now! Firstly to wish you a healthy and happy 2021. And to say I very much liked your haiku ‘Persimmon’ included in the wonderful BLOO-OUTLIER JOURNAL. Yes I have returned to the Journal several times and found new and wonderful poems and artwork each time. It is indeed a honour and joy to be included in this beautiful journal. Thank you for mentioning my poem when you were writing to Paul. And for your interesting ‘take’ on our poems.

        Wishing you all things good!
        From, Maureen

      • Pleased to finally meet you in cyberspace, Maureen, although, alas, in person would be ideal, but for Covid and lack of traveling funds. . No matter. Here we are and in BLOO further assembled. I am glad of heart to know you and Paul. Here’s to more writing, on the page and at Grandy’s Landing and word pond. Thank you kindly, for writing to me here. Hello to Paul! – Warm regards, Donna

  5. It is a monumental work of poetry, Paul! What a tremendous gift anytime of the year but especially Christmas Eve! And triple that giftedness to its timing during Covid. A clarion bugle cry of joy in the light of poetry. Alan Summers is an extraordinary poet and editor. I read every poem but will now return to give each poem their second due. I am so honored to be in the company of all these other fine poets but particularly to be among poems by Alan, you, and your Maureen. My warmest wishes for the new solstice and new year for you and yours. Lotsa love!

    • I’m delighted that my journal has brought so much pleasure! It was very different in many ways. I was able to allow first time haiku writers to be included, with very minor suggestions. Those haiku are fresh and original and remain their voice.

      Those first timers are now in a journal that contains highly experienced poets such as yourself, Donna, and Paul, and Maureen!

      Issue 2 is going to be very different, but will continue to support first time poets where it can. Keep an eye on announcements at the blog in early Spring! 🙂

      Thank you for all your kind words and your excitement about being in the journal!

      warmest regards, and good wishes for 2021!


      Alan Summers
      co-founder, Call of the Page
      founding editor, The Blo͞o Outlier Journal

      • Alan, you wrote: “I was able to allow first time haiku writers to be included, with very minor suggestions. Those haiku are fresh and original and remain their voice.” This out of the box or outlier sensibility makes the journal glow. This kind of organic interaction with other better known poets (I am not one, really), is invaluable for all poets and I’m grateful for the experience. Take best care. – Donna

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