Featured artists include Ellen Carey, John Cyr, Amanda Means, and Jerry Spagnoli – CHEM 101: The Science of Photography | The William Benton Museum of Art


Ellen Carey  Dings & Shadows, 2013. Color photograms (C-prints). Courtesy of the artist and Jayne H. Baum Gallery, NYC, NY 

Chem 101: The Science of Photography


Saving Species: The Grasshopper Sparrow

Watch: From the filmmakers of “The Cove,” a short about saving species | treehugger

[Hong Kong] – UMBRELLA/SHIELD POETICS (part ii) | Fireside: A Kundiman Poetry Blog

Fireside: A Poetry Blog.

Hartford Public Library & Hartford Votes – Hartford Vota – Coalition Forum with 2014 Candidates for State Attorney General & Secretary of the State


Jane Goodall On SeaWorld, Twitter, And The Power Of Viral Animal Videos

Jane Goodall On SeaWorld, Twitter, And The Power Of Viral Animal Videos.

Heriberto Yépez: Ethopoetics, What Is It? | Jacket2


Writers, thinkers, intellectuals, artists, ¡poets! Need to heal themselves (from themselves) in order to become true visionaries.  We haven’t done that — that’s the only task that completely matters right now. But what is happening now? In Latin America, in Spain, in Europe, in China, in Japan, in America, in Russia, in everyplace the human mind is afraid of being an animal still evolving—and after the big upheaval we are living a return to the old models of poet as man-of-letters, and ‘artists’ as man-of-walls, though by way of post-modern disguises! Deceit yourselves! Or use all your irony or all your critical theory you can to hide from what you deeply know! Poets have to become knowers. **** Poetry then means the new-making of oneself.– Heriberto Yépez

Heriberto Yépez: Ethopoetics, What Is It?

Anita Sarkeesian, Feminist Frequency – XOXO Festival (2014)

After death threats, feminist speaker has to cancel talk because of Utah’s concealed carry laws


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