*: fifidunks: Epigraph to ‘An Army of Lovers’ by…


*: fifidunks: Epigraph to ‘An Army of Lovers’ by….

Hartford Loves Poetry Grand Finale – A Community Celebration | Hartford Public Library

Sponsored by The City of Hartford’s Marketing, Events and Cultural Affairs Division (MECA) in partnership with Hartford Public Library. Bessy Reyna, Festival Curator

Among 24 presenters of poems in languages such as Quechua, Tamil, Chinese, Bosnian, Hindi, Kenyang, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Spanish, were Bettina Viereck and poet Donna Fleischer, who read three of her original poems in English, alternating with Viereck who read her translations of Fleischer’s poems into the German. Their readings can be found 23 minutes and 51 seconds into the two-and-a-half-hour video.

Venepoetics: Goldsmith y el imperio retro-conceptual / Heriberto Yépez

Goldsmith y el imperio retro-conceptual / Heriberto Yépez | Goldsmith and the Retro-Conceptual Empire

A little selection of haiku poems by Alan Summers | Area 17

song thrush Eire postage stamp

glass waste
the changes in rain
across birdsong


– Alan Summers

Publication Credit: Writers & Lovers Café, A HAIKU JOURNAL Hsinchu City, Taiwan Volume I, Number 1 Fall 2013 ISSN 2309-3315

A little selection of haiku poems by Alan Summers | Area 17

October by Louise Glück| FSG Poetry Month / Daily PoemWork in Progress


October | Work in Progress.

semiotext(e)’s schizo-culture – artforum.com / in print


Back cover of Semiotext(e) 3, no. 2 (1978), announcing unrealized “Schizo-Culture 2” issue.

semiotext(e)’s schizo-culture – artforum.com / in print

Earth Day Every Moment | Muttscomics


Daily Quote

Lose your mind and come to your senses.

Fritz Perls*


* Fritz Perls and Laura Perls, his wife, originated the term, Gestalt Therapy and developed its theory and practice.


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