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The Rojava Emergency Committee is asking that U.S. citizens urge their congressional and Senate representatives, as well as Elliot Engel, incoming Democratic chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, not to withdraw from Rojava. Please do that if you care about the largest stateless nation in the world (which happens to be building what’s probably the largest experiment in anarcha-feminist radical eco-democracy history has seen).


With outspread arms of thanks to dmf –

Source: Rojava at risk « immanence

    • dmf
    • December 31st, 2018

    poor brave souls, wish they lived in a better than this one

    • A new Japanese poet for me to read, Dirk, thank you; “Contact” particularly adventuresome! I highly recommend you listen to the original spoken in Japanese!

        • dmf
        • January 1st, 2019

        thanks will check it out, we have very little in the way of cosmopolitan culture here in the pasteurized whitebread world of Iowa City but for some reason the Japan Foundation brings us pretty edgy current writers and they have some public readings and translation workshops, all very interesting while it lasts.

      • Good to know, but your last “while it lasts” comment unsettling. . . .

        • dmf
        • January 1st, 2019

        ah yeah both in terms of the come and go nature of the visits and I fear in terms of the funding but I’ll take it while it lasts:

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